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make no mistake, i'm mad
а то я что-то
забываю иногда
но люблю их... очень! ))

вроде так:
tbh = to be honest
ngl = not gonna lie
(или нет? об этих я догадалась сама, насколько помню. ))

эти забываю периодически
w/e = whatever, блин! запомни уже! xD
iirc = if i recall correctly (примерно.)

не особо знаю, запомнить
wb = welcome back
asl = age sex location
ttfn = ta ta for now
nbd = no big deal
nvm = nevermind (вообще не знала. xD)
ttyl = talk to you later

UPD. AWSM = awesome, балда. ))))
IAWTS = ППКС (догадалась)

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make no mistake, i'm mad
проглядывала новый фик, в ЖЖ выложили
и автор ведь хороший, и это просто как-то пропущено
да и звучит так... хорошо, да?
взгляд ловит предложение

"I won't if you won't."

ААААААААААААААА почему так выносит!!!!!111

Привили. :alles: Привили, видимо. С этой ошибки сразу хочется схватить топор и кого-нибудь в салат порубать ну не так агрессивно, конечно, но выносит.


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make no mistake, i'm mad
How awesome is that?!

To read a fic on Yuletide OK, re-read it, then read comments and THERE! see a person from diary. Like, you really know it's them. And you know what caught my eye? Of course - emoticons. Those )))) and those *_____* too are really uncommon in English fandom; and then I looked at the nickname - and yeah! Like, I know this person, not, um, personally, but through mutual friends and what-not.
And they say that they haven't seen the show but loved the fic. Oh <3


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make no mistake, i'm mad

You know what I really don't like in some (...many) KS vids? How if there are movies, then there are the first three (or just TWoK&SFS). Don't... like it. It seems just so major, so popular. Dunno. =/
Therefore I very much like when there is only TMP, or only, for ex., TVH&TFF or smth (didn't see much of that, yeah).

Especially - as I've come to understand - SFS. I've seen the whole movie many times, and add to that that it's in every second KS or even just TOS vid...
I figured just recently that I'm getting tired of it. SFS. =/ Naaaaay!
Some cute prompts from TOS-kink:
this one and this one (ohhh, who doesn't love it, right?).
Also liked the recent secret post in st_secrets_arc.

Aw. And the others: community.livejournal.com/st_secrets_arc/18183....

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...in AS news

make no mistake, i'm mad
OMG, she wrote, like, a New Year fic!
omg <3
haven't read it yet. Willing to bet it will be awesome.
Who's willing to bet that I'm gonna translate it, like, now for my next K/S Calendar day? :-D :-D

Also, she has an LJ now!

Also... not, that's all, I should think.

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make no mistake, i'm mad
Собственно, по поводу страшно бесящего агрессивного топ!Спока в англофандоме написала вчера на st_tos_kink.

And yaaaay!

my prompt

Dang - I want to write this, because I absolutely agree. Outside of pon farr or McCoy driving him up the wall, that's how I see Spock too. Buuuut I need to think of a non-sexual scenario to showcase this before I write it, because I'm tired of writing porn. XD

*приплясывает* люди <3 Интересно, я ее знаю? ну, не лично, а вот... по жж.

А еще там очень смешно :lol:
комментарий к промпту жжот напалмом :lol:

А еще я напечатал 20 ой, меня же читают люди, которые будут завтра на оффе! [спойлер-сюрприз]. [спойлер-сюрприз]. Оягерой. Ы!

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make no mistake, i'm mad
меня иногда с некоторых чужих фиков пробирает на свое. обратно, на свое

Oh, and he doesn’t remember anything, really, except some glimpses of the past: they all come together to him, they call to him. It doesn’t hurt much but he is so confused. All these people (people? On Vulcan? Feels like they shouldn’t be-- Oh, and Father said that they were friends. Why is this concept not alien to me? And why should it be?) - they are waiting, and he doesn’t really know what for, doesn’t really have anything to offer them. But these glimpses of past come, his memory comes back in shattered pieces, and he remembers some words - my last words - and this human with shining eyes somehow knows them too. Spock is scared, but he is strong, he must not give in to darkness again, and he will not disappoint anybody for he should not. So he probes his own mind, gently, and there are more pieces, and somehow there is also a name.

Это из самого начала того пост-СФСного ><. давно написано.
я очень хочу его дописать.

но он у меня такой спутанный, особенно стопицот вариантов сцены, где то ли будет мелдинг, то ли не будет...
в общем, тяжело.
он мне нравится, но... не весь. То есть нет, он мне нравится весь, за исключением пары мест, но там в паре мест такой ООС. ((( прям страшно. ну не могу я сенсорика выписать, не могу, я сегодня общалась с одним - замечательным, но - они совсем другие блин.
особенно одна сцена. аааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа.
она мне сначала нравилась... да, красивая такая. трогательная.
Если бы там был не 52-летний мужик, адмирал и вообще, а 15-летняя девачка -___________- тогда да, "шепот в темноту" прописать было бы можно.

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make no mistake, i'm mad
asdafkjaslkjsadl, I wanna translate one angsty beautiful ficlet. And I don't have time to. But. Butbutbutbutbut.

This sucks.

Also I have a toothache.


PS somehow I came to love this icon. I didn't before! Wow.

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make no mistake, i'm mad
Ok, I love them, period.

squeeeeeeeeing LJ-people.

And I mean fangirls. But these two too. Oh. Sorry.

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it's fun being me (c)