make no mistake, i'm mad

Вот умеют же... и главное, кажется - очень просто. там даже нет особого хитросплетения слов, нет особо фантасмагорического стиля. все равно, правда, ощущается текст как образный.

впрочем, конечно, там есть прекрасные образы.

даже в самом начале:

Pity, he thought, that I can read you like an open book, and every ending I read is distasteful for both of us.

красота же.

I could have been ignorant like her. Ignorance is an easy property to have, if difficult to attain once it is lost. What divides us but experience?

и это.

You live a life Edith would have died to live.

I know.

“He knows, Doctor. He knows.”

But she lives a moment he would have died to live. What is a life compared to a moment of being beloved by Jim Kirk? What is a life lived behind a badge in comparison to a death died in front of a car, if only Jim Kirk will cry for you?

безумно красивый текст. ыыыы. пищу.

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