make no mistake, i'm mad
Собственно, по поводу страшно бесящего агрессивного топ!Спока в англофандоме написала вчера на st_tos_kink.

And yaaaay!

I'm just tired of all that toppy/aggressive/rude Spock around there. Come on, he's a pacifist and generally very quiet and submissive.

So - some K/S (or K&S) where Spock is just that? Where Kirk is really in charge (because he's the exact opposite: aggressive, leading). Doesn't have to be about sex. Really doesn't.

Dang - I want to write this, because I absolutely agree. Outside of pon farr or McCoy driving him up the wall, that's how I see Spock too. Buuuut I need to think of a non-sexual scenario to showcase this before I write it, because I'm tired of writing porn. XD

*приплясывает* люди <3 Интересно, я ее знаю? ну, не лично, а вот... по жж.

А еще там очень смешно :lol:
комментарий к промпту жжот напалмом :lol:

А еще я напечатал 20 ой, меня же читают люди, которые будут завтра на оффе! [спойлер-сюрприз]. [спойлер-сюрприз]. Оягерой. Ы!

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