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- Fandom Secrets:

Now that's... just... lovely. (c)
Кстати, у меня даже выражение лица Кирка в голове стоит, когда он это произносит, а вспомнить откуда - не могу. оО Где это было?..

Какая прелесть. Fetish for Trekkies - это лав!

- пост в КСном.

So I was reading Tithe by Holly Black - it's a pretty good book, if you're into fantasy. But to get to the relevant part; there's a paragraph in the book where the protagonist's friend describes how he came out to his mother (who's a big Star Trek fan):

One night at dinner I said, "Mom, you know the forbidden love that Spock has for Kirk? Well, me too." It was easier for her to understand that way.

Sadly the book does not give us his mother's reaction to that, but I thought it was amusing nonetheless.

Прелесть какая x)

- дискуссия на TOS-kink, о которой я уже говорил.

Там еще откомментили. Вот это мне нравится :vict:

I've got at least one "Uh, it could be both" fic from before this kink meme started. And by "it could be both" I mean I wrote TOS for an XI prompt and lied implied that it could go either way.

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